Makeup Artistry Courses

Makeup Artistry Courses designed for Beginners and Professionals. Whether you consider to have little or no experience or consider yourself be advanced, we have the right course for you! Our courses are designed to thoroughly prepare you to excel in your chosen field by providing you with all the tools and education needed.

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#1. Introduction to the World of Beauty 16 hours

Victoria Park Beauty Academy is launching “Introduction to The Beauty World”. The concept is to allow teenagers to experience the professional world of Beauty.

The Skin Care, Makeup Artistry and Business Management course offers several advantages. Students will learn basic skin care, current makeup techniques, marketing techniques on how to start and operate their own beauty businesses.

The Goal: To Become a Professional in the Beauty Industry.

The curriculum includes:

  • Hands-on Training
  • Skin Care
  • Color Theory
  • Shading, Highlighting and Contouring
  • Eyebrow and Eye Makeup Application
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Your Own Business VS Finding Work
  • Finding Clients & Building Lasting Relationships
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Insurance

#2. Total Image12 hours

The objective of this course is to learn to enhance the personal image (individual and collective) through the application of the latest makeup techniques, hairdressing, protocol and verbal or corporal expression.

Module I – Makeup Class – 4 Hours

  • Skincare
  • Color Theory
  • Primers, Concealers, Correctors, Foundations, Powders
  • Highlighting and Contouring
  • Eyebrows
  • Smokey eyes
  • Application of False Eyelashes
  • Lips
  • Daytime look and Nighttime look

Module II – Hair Styling – 4 hours

  • Hair preparation
  • Products and tools
  • Textures exploration
  • Techniques of combing, brushing, ironing, curling, etc.

Module III – Total Image – 4 hours

  • The facial language: the expression of the face reveals the state of mind and also our state of health.
  • Body language, what the body expresses: the look, the posture, the being, the movement, the way of walking, the way of putting the hands in the pockets.
  • Advice on clothing, fashion and accessories.
  • Beauty and style advice.
  • Corporate image consultancy.
  • Image changes.
  • Analyze changes in fashion, adapting market trends to the expectations and needs of customers.
  • Digital approach to achieve a greater impact.

In this module a personalized evaluation will be done by a stylist, working on the pillars of self-image, vision and internal creation.

Personal style will be studied, you will learn about the difference between fashion and personal style, the main icons of style, the universes of costume styles and how to use their elements strategically to communicate various messages and project the desired image.

Each circumstance and context will require a different wardrobe; you must know how to adapt the clothing to the occasion.

#3. Intro to Makeup Artist B101 24 Hours

The Introduction to Makeup Artist B101 Program is mastering the art of beauty makeup as an essential skill for any makeup artist. With the basic knowledge, students can use makeup to create optical illusions with shadowing, highlighting, and color. Students will learn base matching, contouring using highlights and shadows, eye shadow techniques, proper use of powder and check color, and replication of modern trends.

The students will learn how to develop a pattern of application to ensure consistent results, with confidence. The makeup artist will be able to create natural, fashion, glamour and trendy looks.

The curriculum includes:

  • Hands-on Training
  • Skin Care
  • Color Theory
  • Shading, Highlighting and Contouring
  • Eyebrow and Eye Makeup Application
  • Smokey Eye
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Lips

#4. Beauty and Fashion Makeup – 12 Hours

Runway is about clothes. Makeup creates and complements the clothing. This Course will teach you techniques for perfecting skin, creating radiance and dreamy eyes. Learn and understand the makeup artist’s role on the production set.

The curriculum includes:

  • Increase Speed of Makeup Application
  • Learn to Recreate a Consistent Look for all Models
  • Camera Ready Makeup Techniques
  • Work Effectively with Models, Stylist and Photographers
  • How to Coordinate the Makeup Look with the Hairstylist
  • How to read a Lead Artist Chart

#5. Airbrush – 4 Hours

Airbrushing is a revolutionary new makeup technique with precision control. Airbrush makeup has become an industry standard, that is required by many photographers. This course is a must for any makeup artist who wants to learn and/or further develop their airbrush skills. This will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the Multi-Million Dollar Industry. This class is for advanced Makeup Artists

The curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Airbrush Makeup
  • Proper Use and Maintenance of Airbrush Equipment
  • Application of Airbrush Foundation using Temptu
  • Application of Airbrush Eyebrows
  • Application of Airbrush Eyeshadows
  • Learning of Highlighting and Contouring
  • Proper Application of Airbrush Cheeks and Lips
  • Acquiring the Practical Skills in Airbrushing to do a Complete Beauty Makeup
  • Developing Time Management Skills
  • Airbrush Face Art
  • Airbrush Evaluation

*Cost of equipment not included

#6. Basic Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling – 3 Hours

To compete in the Beauty Industry Basic Hair Styling are a must for all Makeup Artist Today. You will learn the proper tools, products and techniques to create a basic look from sexy waves to formal up-do’s. This course is strictly styling only, no cutting, coloring, etc.

The curriculum includes:

  • Tools Needed: Proper use & Sanitation
  • Basic Makeup for all Brides
  • Hair Products
  • Blow Drying Techniques
  • Curling Iron
  • Back Combing Techniques
  • Period Styles and current Fashion Styles

#7. Pro Counter Beauty Makeup – 10 Hours

Master skills of Top Cosmetics Salespeople. Learn the Art of Sales to land a Successful Career in the Cosmetics Industry

The Curriculum Includes:

  • What is Counter Vs. Freelance work
  • Built A Client Following & Keep them Coming Back
  • Understanding Your Client: Behavior, Type & Needs
  • Create a Need for a Costumer Want
  • Planting the Seed for Future Sales
  • Pre-selling Products
  • In The Drawer Collection
  • Recommending Products for Results
  • Educating The Client
  • Selling Skills and Techniques
  • How to Create the Perfect Face chart
  • Customer Service
  • Seasonal Trends for Cosmetics and Fragrances
  • Interview Skills

#8. Advanced Makeup Artistry – 240 Hours

The Advanced Makeup Artistry Program provides, challenging comprehensive education unlike any other of its kind. This program is designed for a new generation of makeup artists that will take you to the top! Develop a solid foundation and the confidence to succeed in all avenues of the makeup industry: Including Fashion, Runway, Editorial, Television, Video, Bridal, Airbrushing and Special Effects. This Course also focuses on building your self-confidence with business skills, sales and marketing which are essential to becoming a successful Makeup Artist.

The curriculum includes:

  • Fundamentals: The Art of Makeup Artistry
  • Principles of Color Theory and Skin Tonality
  • Primers, Bases and Concealers and Correctors
  • HD Makeup for Music Videos, TV and Film
  • Correct Analysis of Facial Architecture
  • Troubleshooting Skin Issues
  • Contouring, Shading and Highlighting to correct or Enhance Facial Shapes & Features
  • Perfecting The Brows
  • Application Techniques for All Makeup Products
  • Eye & Lip Shape Corrections
  • Achieving Flawless Bridal Skin and Makeup
  • Clean and Flawless Beauty
  • False Eyelash Application
  • Advanced Airbrush Techniques
  • Avant-Garde: Makeup Artistry
  • Makeup through The Ages
  • Principles Techniques for Special Effects
  • Hair Styling Basics for Bridal & Special Events
  • Face and Body Painting
  • Makeup for Black and White Photography
  • Business of Makeup Artistry: Marketing Yourself
  • Complete Evaluation of Master Makeup Artist