SUNDAY FEB 25 - 2PM to 4PM


Contouring has been a hot trend followed closely by Kim Kardashian and used to shape and sculpt faces using a combination of skin tone shades. Highlighting uses light-reflective products on all the high points of the face to create skin that looks light, bright and radiant.Our Makeup Made simple techniques ensure you that you can learn and create the most popular looks worldwide, and ensure that you will be able to complete in just 45 minutes or less.The first part of the course will go thoroughly in easy step by step instructions, that you will be able to reproduce. Students will learn base matching, contouring and highlighting and the use of liquid shadows, first creating a day look and transfer into a nighttime look.  Students will also learn the right placement of blush color, and lip colors, creating modern trends being feature in magazines.


Bring your own brushes


Created for beginners and aspiring Makeup Artists alike, our Makeup Workshops bring you our “Makeup Made Simple Technique”, tips and professional expertise in a creative, hands-on environment.

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